Creoda's Hill Craft Winery & Cider Mill

Creoda’s Hill Craft Winery & Cider Mill

It’s more than just flavour
that runs from our wine bottle.

It’s home, collaboration, innovation and style.


Creoda’s Hill Craft Winery began with the idea of making grape wine and country wine on a small scale, for friends and family, and all by hand.

All our wines are handmade on our 8-acre smallholding in Buckinghamshire, England. The property has an abundance of fruit trees, and many native berries, leaves and wildflowers that we use throughout our wine making. In 2012 we also planted a micro vineyard of approximately 300 mixed vines of Rondo, Dornfelder and Fruhburgunder (Pinot Noir). We’re working hard in the vineyard to ensure our first crop will be available during 2017.

Our winery making starting out in the kitchen, with fermentation buckets in the study and bottling taking place on the dining room table. In 2015 we moved outside into one of the barns, and work is now underway to refit the unit, enabling us to produce much larger quantities.

We love local.
As much as we like small.

Local ingredients, local towns, and local communities. Our wine making is based on creativity, delivering real flavours in small, hand-crafted batches. There’s no getting over the fact that we’re starting small, and that’s the way we’ll stay, with a focus on delivering excellent-quality.

Barrel by Barrel.
Or we should say Demijohn by Demijohn!

Our harvests are measured and made in 60 and 100 litre Oak and Chestnut barrels, with locally found ingredients, and we use real natural corks and recycled bottles whenever possible.

Our very first batch of country wine was made from the fruit, leaves and berries of our local hedgerows and from our own fruit garden. We nurtured several gallons of Elderflower, Elderberry, Red Currant, Plum and we even had success with Broad Bean. That seems a long time ago now!

Our fruit pressing is a manual process, and our yeasts are specifically chosen depending on the style of country wine being made – we also regularly have experimentation fermentations underway to help us understand and achieve the best blends and tastes.


The Future’s Bright.
The Future’s ‘Garage’.

The future looks exciting with our recent move up to ‘Garage’ status, plans to experiment and add further flavours of apple, pear, plum, gooseberry, blueberry and raspberry, and some new fermentation tank arrivals to enable even larger batches to be produced.

We also plan on developing and making a selection of our recipes available online, on Kindle and via the Apple App Store.

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